Screenplay Competition
Award Winners 2021


These are the five top scripts in each category: Feature, TV Pilot and Shorts!  The highlighted script is #1 WINNER at the top of each of the three categories!



  1. “The Body of Chris” by Erin Brown Thomas
  2. “Fig Jam” by Frank J. Avella
  3. “German Ridge” by Oliver Palmer
  4. “Jessie” by John F. McCarney
  5. “Dillon” by Chadwick Hopson



  1. “Grace in the Clutch” by Addie Talbott
  2. “Captivity” by Lisa Arnseth
  3. “Home Truths” by David Hutter
  4. “Game” by Erin Muroski
  5. “Clive, Fergus and Andy” by Kay Phillips



  1. “Horizon Calling” by Russell Knight
  2. “G.O.D. OS” by David Christopher Loya
  3. “Blues for the Father” by Barry Kohl, Joseph Harrison, Marcel Wilson
  4. “Closure” by Edson McClellan
  5. “Pueblo” by John McCarney