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26th Anniversary Celebration!
February 22nd - March 1st, 2020


Make a lasting commitment to the Sedona International Film Festival

Case Statement

What does it take to keep a heart beating?

From its inception in 1994, the Sedona International Film Festival has been a member supported organization. The generosity of our members and sponsors has allowed us to transform life in Sedona 52 weeks a year. Although our annual budget is $1.5 million, as with film festivals and theatres around the world, only one-third of our income comes from ticket sales. The rest is raised through a combination of memberships, sponsorships, grants and fundraising events. Donations and memberships help sustain us all year long.

SFF Endowment Fund

Make a Lasting Commitment

The Sedona International Film Festival is initiating an Endowment Fund that will allow us to continue to offer high quality programming to our community, members, partners and supporters. Our goal is to raise $5 million in a permanent endowment fund to sustain the future of the Film Festival and the Mary D. Fisher Theatre. Monies donated to this fund will be held separately from regular donations and will be professionally managed. This will ensure that future generations continue to experience the cultural, thought provoking, stimulating events that have become the backbone of our programming and a staple in our community.

One of the ways you can help our fund grow is to make us part of your estate plan. Donations may be made at any time, but a legacy gift offers a lasting commitment. Gifts may be made in someone's honor or memory and may be earmarked for a specific purpose. Nearly all bequests are tax advantageous.

The Cultural Heart of Sedona

The Mary D. Fisher Theatre has become the cultural heart of Sedona. In any given month, viewers can experience a wide variety of entertainment events far beyond those offered in most small communities and travel to Moscow, London, Milan and New York — all without leaving the comfort of their seats.

We offer daily programming throughout the year and present at least two independent films each week, along with numerous special events: the Met Live Opera productions; Ballet in Cinema (including big-screen HD productions from the Bolshoi Ballet, Royal Ballet, Lincoln Center and many others); the National Theatre of London; West End and Broadway productions; Shakespeare from the Globe, Royal Shakespeare Company and the Stratford Festival. We have even ventured into live theatre with small productions and touring shows.

Our Art and Architecture in Cinema series, simulcast events, symphony broadcasts, live theatre and musical productions add to the wide variety of offerings for both residents and visitors. For many, the Theatre has become a second home — a place to go alone or in a group and enjoy entertainment unavailable anywhere else in northern Arizona.

Can you imagine life in Sedona without our Theatre?

See the World Through a Different Lens

The Sedona International Film Festival — our marquee special event — began as a three-day gathering of locals interested in sharing the excitement of independent film. Today, the festival is a world-renowned nine-day event held annually at the end of February. We feature premieres and showings of more than 160 independent films from around the world, augmented by Q&A sessions with filmmakers, free workshops, seminars and panel discussions. Our diverse selection of films is thought-provoking, entertaining, inspiring, stimulating and powerful — and often filled with humor. Our goal is turning movies into motivation and art into activism. We achieve this through our special interest series on sustainability, world cinema and “docs that make a difference.” In addition, family friendly films are shown to school children at no charge. Our festival has gained in popularity and attendance each year and is nationally ranked among the top independent film festivals.

Can you imagine Sedona without our Film Festival?

Your Gift Transforms Lives

Have the Mary D. Fisher Theatre and the Sedona International Film Festival changed your life? Do you want them to continue well into the future? How would it make you feel to know that you helped accomplish this?

Both the Theatre and the Festival mean different things to each person in our family of members. For some, it's the pure delight in unusual and topical films. For others it may be the learning experience that comes with exploring the world through film. Maybe it's the weekly specials that teach us facts about the world we may never know otherwise. Perhaps it’s the Met Opera, the Bolshoi or the Art and Architecture series. For each of our members it's something unique. What makes our Festival and Theatre special for you?

This is why we are creating an endowment: so that our future is secure and we can devote more time and energy to our Theatre and Festival.

Just as our films transform lives, so too can your endowment gift. You can take a proactive, deliberate approach to leaving a legacy — both now and later — with your commitment to our Endowment Fund. By contributing to a charitable cause that reflects your values, the Sedona International Film Festival can transform lives in the community we serve.

The generosity of our membership is what has brought us to this point, but we are constantly fundraising to stay afloat. Help keep the cultural heart of Sedona beating for many generations to come by contributing to the Sedona International Film Festival Endowment Fund.

We need you to help guarantee the future. How do you want to be remembered?

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