Award Winners: Past Festivals

We are proud to recognize our past festival award winners!

Directors’ Choice Awards 2024:

Best Feature – Drama: Tokyo Cowboy
Best Feature – Comedy: Rules of Living
Best International Feature: Driving Madeleine
Best Humanitarian Feature: The Old Oak
Best Indie-Spirit Feature: A Little Family Drama
Best Impact Film: The Business of Pleasure
Best Empowerment/Social Impact Film: Empire Waist
Most Inspirational Film: Freedom Hair
Best Documentary: To Kill a Tiger
Best International Documentary: The Price of Truth
Best Environmental Documentary: Songs of Earth
Most Inspirational Documentary: Into the Spotlight
Best Indie-Spirit Documentary: The Cowboy and the Queen
Best Non-Fiction Storytelling: Tell Them You Love Me
Non-Fiction New Visions Award: Lovely Jackson
Best Documentary Short: Goodboy
Best Environmental Documentary Short: Between Earth & Sky
Most Inspirational Documentary Short: The Last Repair Shop
Best Indie-Spirit Documentary Short: Far West
Best Student Documentary Short: Down the Road
Best Short – Drama: Mayfly and The Day of (tie)
Best Short – Comedy: Fundamental Shapes
Best Short – Dramedy: The Ballad of Tita and the Machines
Best Mixed Media Short: Lost Bird
Best International Short: The Red Suitcase
Best Student Short: Nakam
Best Humanitarian Short: Sevap/Mitzvah
The Lavender Award: Honey & Milk
Best Current Affairs Short: Límite
Award for Excellence: Our Males and Females

Audience Choice Winners 2024

Best Short – Drama: Sevap/Mitzvah
Best Short – Comedy: Dead Cat
Best Student Short: Nakam
Best Documentary Short: Range Rider
Best Documentary Feature: Into the Spotlight
Best Feature Drama: Rose
Best Feature Comedy: My Neighbor Adolf
Best International Film: Marguerite’s Theorem
BEST OF FEST DOCUMENTARY: Robert Shields: My Life as a Robot


Best TV Pilot Screenplay: “The Grind” by Laurel Gans
Best Feature Screenplay: “The Ex Change” by Jake Thomas
Best Short Screenplay: “This is Jan” by Robert Larriviere, Hunter Burke, Nick Lavil

Special Awards 2024:

Outstanding Actress: Wendie Malick
Lifetime Achievement (Directing): James Ivory
Lifetime Achievement (Directing): Randal Kleiser
Lifetime Achievement (Comedy): Gary Mule Deer
Heart of the Festival Award: Patty Herrman-Juda
Superstar Award: Steve Carr (publicist)
Marion Herrman Excellence in Filmmaking: Robert Shields: My Life as a Robot


Directors’ Choice Awards 2023

Best Feature – Drama: The Wind and the Reckoning
Best Feature – Comedy: Long Flat Balls “Broken Promises”
Best International Feature: Róise and Frank
Best Humanitarian Feature: Clocked
Best Indie-Spirit Feature: Silent Life
Best Impact Film: The Year of the Dog
Best Family Film: Rally Caps
Most Inspirational Film: Maamanithan (The Great Man)
Marion Herrman Excellence in Filmmaking: The Secret Song
Best Documentary: Ranger
Best International Documentary: A House Made of Splinters
Best Environmental Documentary: Patrick and the Whale
Most Inspirational Documentary: Of Medicine and Miracles
Best Investigative Documentary: The Grab
Best Indie-Spirit Documentary: Unveiled: Joyce Tenneson & the Heroine’s Journey
Non-Fiction New Visions Award: Sansón and Me
Best Doc Short: Monumental Divide
Best Environmental Doc Short: American Scar
Most Inspirational Doc Short: Rare Enough
Best Indie-Spirit Short Documentary: Bacon ‘n’ Laces
Best Short – Drama: Tarneit
Best Short – Comedy: The Vacation
Best Short – Dramedy: DAD-rahpy
Best Animated Short: Andy “a dog’s tale”
Best International Short: Table 8
Best Student Short: Dadu
Best Humanitarian Short: Bienvenidos a Los Angeles
Best Indie Spirit Short: Where No One Lives
Best Mixed Media Short: The Block
Most Inspirational Short: This Wild Abyss

Audience Choice Awards 2023

Best Animated Film: Still With You
Best Short – Drama: Before Dawn, Kabul Time
Best Short – Comedy: Sunscreen
Best Student Short: The Code of Family
Best Documentary Short: TIE: Conducting Life and Awadagin Pratt: Black in America
Best Documentary Feature: TIE: Of Medicine and Miracles and Mama Bears
Best Feature Drama: The Road Dance
Best Feature Comedy: Pinball – The Man Who Saved the Game
Best International Film: Farewell, Mr. Haffmann
BEST OF FEST NARRATIVE: Farewell, Mr. Haffmann
BEST OF FEST DOCUMENTARY: Of Medicine and Miracles

Screenplay Competition Winners 2023:

Best TV Pilot Screenplay: “Back Fires” by Alex Blumberg
Best Feature Screenplay: “I Dream A World” by Hal LaCroix
Best Short Screenplay: “Mary & Adam” by Ren Montoro

Special Awards 2023:

Lifetime Achievement (Acting): Jacqueline Bisset, Karen Allen, Judd Hirsch
Lifetime Achievement (Directing): Lasse Hallström
Outstanding Acting: Lena Olin and Tora Hallström — “Hilma”
Outstanding Lead Actress: AnnaLynne McCord — “Condition of Return”
Heart of the Festival Award: Chris and Pat McFaul


Directors’ Choice Awards 2022

Best Feature Drama: Peace By Chocolate
Best Feature Comedy: Americanish
Best International Feature: Delicious
Best Humanitarian Feature: Dear Zoe
Best Documentary: Refuge
Best International Documentary: A Crack in the Mountain
Best Environmental Documentary: After Antarctica
Best Humanitarian Documentary: Life & Life: A Story of Redemption
Best Documentary Short: Lydia Emily’s Last Mural
Best Environmental Documentary Short: Voice Above Water
Best Humanitarian Short Documentary: Second Sight
Best Short Drama: These Final Hours
Best Short Comedy: Gum
Best Short Dramedy: The Book of Ruth
Best Student Short: of our trespasses.
Best Humanitarian Short: Distances
Best International Short: Masque-19
Best Animated Short: Space Race
Indie Spirit (Short): Sproutland
Indie Spirit (Documentary): The Addict’s Wake
Indie Spirit (Narrative Feature): Albatross
Best Impact Film: Wake Up
New Visions Award: Portrayal
Marion Herrman Excellence in Filmmaking Award: State of the Unity


Audience Choice Awards 2022

BEST OF FEST: Delicious
Best Feature Drama: Black White and the Greys
Best Feature Comedy: Our Almost Completely True Story
Best International Film: Betrayed
Best Documentary: The Conductor
Best Short Documentary: From My Window
Best Short Drama: Good Night
Best Short Comedy: Johnny the Dime
Best Student Short: Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star
Best Animated Short: The Park Bench

Screenplay Competition Winners 2022:

Short Film: “Something in the Clouds” by Johnny Ray
Feature Film: “A Need for Something New” by John T. Frederick
TV Pilot: “Sister” by Alex Blumberg


Special Awards 2022:

Lifetime Achievement: Mariette Hartley
Humanitarian Award: Dr. Elvis Francois
Heart of the Festival: John Snow


Directors’ Choice Awards 2021

Best Feature Drama: Gun and a Hotel Bible
Best Feature Comedy: Granny Nanny
Best International Feature: TIE: Asia and Flashdrive
Best Humanitarian Feature: The Cave
Best Family Film: Sisters: The Summer We Found Our Superpowers
Best Documentary: In Memoriam
Best International Documentary: Sakawa
Best Humanitarian Documentary: Medicine Man: The Stan Brock Story
Best Documentary Short: Unspoken
Best Short Drama: The Mirror
Best Short Comedy: Rock A Bye Baby
Best Short Dramedy: The Forgotten Place
Best Student Short: Etana
Best Humanitarian Short: Under the Lights
Best International Short: Samaritan
Best Animated Short: Beyond the Line
Most Innovative Short: Transfer
Indie Spirit (Short): Red Watch
Indie Spirit (Documentary): On Our Own Island
Indie Spirit (Narrative Feature): Voodoo Macbeth
Year of Covid Award: The Pee Pee Monster
Marion Herrman Excellence in Filmmaking Award: The Children Will Lead the Way


Audience Choice Awards 2021

BEST OF FEST: Voodoo Macbeth
Best Feature Drama: The Subject
Best Feature Comedy: Queen Bees
Best International Film: So, What’s Freedom?
Best Documentary: TIE: In a Different Key and On Our Own Island
Best Short Documentary: TIE: The Roads Most Traveled: Photojournalist Don Bartletti and Death: Through a Nurse’s Eyes
Best Short Drama: The Forgotten Place
Best Short Comedy: Exit Package
Best Student Short: Thoughts and Prayers
Best Animated Short: Bench
Most Impactful Film (Narrative): They Who Surround Us
Most Impactful Film (Documentary): The Healthcare Cure

Screenplay Competition Winners 2021:

Short Film: “The Body of Chris” by Erin Brown Thomas
Feature Film: “Horizon Calling” by Russell Knight
TV Pilot: “Grace in the Clutch” by Addie Talbott


Special Awards 2021:

Lifetime Achievement: Bob Mackie
Lifetime Achievement: Tom Skerritt
Lifetime Achievement: Luis Valdez
Heart of the Festival: Chuck Marr


Best Feature Drama: Foster Boy
Best Feature Comedy: How About Adolf?
Best International Film: Balloon
Best Documentary: For Sama
Best International Documentary: Grit
Best Short Documentary: The Last Harvest
Best Short Drama: TIE: Acuitzeramo and Extra Innings
Best Short Comedy: Demand Curve
Best Student Short: All Boys Die
Best Animation: Preheated
Best Environmental Film: Sanctuary
Best Indie Spirit (Documentary): A Home Called Nebraska
Best Indie Spirit (Narrative Feature): Into Invisible Light
Best Indie Spirit (Short): Baby Kate
Best Humanitarian Film (Documentary): The Great 14th
Best Humanitarian Film (Narrative Feature): The Wall Between Us
Best Humanitarian Film (Short): The Prisoner’s Song
Best Family Film: Team Marco
Most Innovative Film: TIE: Osuba and Ring
Best Alumni Film: The Lessons Shorts Program
Excellence in Screenwriting: She’s In Portland
Marion Herrman Excellence in Filmmaking Award: New York Rhapsody


BEST OF FEST: The Keeper
Best Feature Drama:
The Keeper
Best Feature Comedy: Babysplitters
Best International Film: The Silent Revolution
Best Documentary: Making Waves: The Art of Cinematic Sound
Best Environmental Films: TIE: Sea of Shadows and The Pollinators
Best Short Documentary: Liberation Heroes: The Last Eyewitnesses
Best Short Drama: TIE: Portraitist and Today You, Tomorrow Me
Best Short Comedy: Ms. Rossi
Best Student Short: Tree #3
Best Animation: Preheated
People’s Choice Award: Chuck Leavell: The Tree Man
People’s Choice Award: The Lessons Shorts Program


Lifetime Achievement: Rob Reiner
Lifetime Achievement: Marc Shaiman
Heart of the Festival: Connie Levinson


Best Feature Drama: “Eternal Winter”
Best Feature Comedy: “Ode to Joy”
Best Foreign Film: “School of Life”
Best Documentary: “The Biggest Little Farm”
Best Foreign Documentary: “A Thousand Girls Like Me”
Best Short Documentary: “Pizza, Democracy and the Little Prince”
Best Short Drama: “Echappé” and “Cells” (tie)
Best Short Comedy: “Homecoming”
Best Student Short: “Idol”
Best Animation: “L’Homme et la Poisson”
Best Adaptation of a Book: “The Nine Billion Names of God”
Best Environmental Film: “Metamorphosis”
Best Indie Spirit (Documentary): “Living Proof”
Best Indie Spirit (Narrative Feature): “Wake”
Best Humanitarian Film (Documentary): “Moving Stories”
Best Humanitarian Film (Narrative Feature): “Windows on the World”
Excellence in Screenwriting: “Miss Arizona”
Marion Herrman Excellence in Filmmaking Award: “Getting to Carnegie”


BEST OF FEST: “Bathtubs Over Broadway” and “The Biggest Little Farm” (tie)
Best Feature Drama: “The Drummer and the Keeper”
Best Feature Comedy: “Return of the Hero”
Best Foreign Film: “Woman at War”
Best Documentary: “Living Proof”
Best Short Documentary: “Grateful”
Best Short Drama: “Sides of a Horn”
Best Student Short: “Fraser Syndrome & Me”
Best Animation: “Stumped”
Best Environmental Film: “The Serengeti Rules”
Best IMPACT FILMS: Movies into Motivation (two awards):
“Toxic Puzzle: Hunt for the Hidden Killer”
“The Valley”


Outstanding Actor Award: Billy Zane
Heart of the Festival: Beverly Hurff


Best Feature Film – Drama: “Rose” and “Django” (tie)
Best Feature Film – Comedy: “Humor Me”
Best Foreign Film: “Ayla The Daughter of War”
Best Documentary Feature: “Liyana”
Best Documentary Short: “Faces of Santa Ana”
Best Environmental Film: “The Need to GROW”
Best Foreign Documentary: “Blue”
Best Short Film: “A Whole World for a Little World”
Best Student Short Film: “Silence”
Best Animated Film: “Weeds”
Best Independent Spirit (Short): “Temporary”
Best Independent Spirit (Narrative): “Quality Problems”
Best Independent Spirit (Documentary): “I Am Jane Doe”
Best Humanitarian (Narrative): “My Name is Vaseline”
Best Humanitarian (Documentary): “Bending the Arc”
Heart of the Festival Award: “Nathan’s Kingdom”
Bill Muller Excellence in Screenwriting Award: “The Drawer Boy”
Marion Herrman Excellence in Filmmaking Award: “In Search of Perfect Consonance”
Technical Director’s Excellence in Exhibition Award: “Game”


Best Animated Film: “E-Delivery”
Best Student Short Film: “Silence”
Best Short Film: “Alternative Math”
Best Documentary Short: “Mr. Connolly Has ALS”
Best Documentary Mid-Length: “Standing Still/Still Standing”
Best Environmental Film: “Yasuni Man”
Best Documentary: “I’ll Push You”
Best Foreign Film: “The Insult”
Best Feature Film – Comedy: “Adios Amigos”
Best Feature Film – Drama: “Instrument of War”
BEST OF FEST: “Ayla The Daughter of War”


Lifetime Achievement Award: Jane Alexander
Global Initiative Humanitarian Award: Keely Shaye Brosnan and Pierce Brosnan

2017 Directors’ Choice Awards:

Best Animated Film: Curpigeon
Best Short Film: The Train
Best Student Short Film: Icarus
Best Documentary Feature: A Plastic Ocean
Best Short Documentary: Joshua Tree: Threatened Wonderland
Best Environmental Film: Death By Design
Best Foreign Film: Frantz
Best Feature DRAMA: The Sandbox
Best Feature COMEDY: Burn Burn Burn
Best Humanitarian Film (narrative): Under the Same Sun
Best Humanitarian Film (documentary): No Limits and Perfume War
Best Independent Spirit (narrative): Halfway to Zen
Best Independent Spirit (documentary): Perfume War
Best Independent Spirit (short): Bardo
Bill Muller Excellence in Screenwriting Award: 29+1
Marion Herrman Excellence in Filmmaking: SCORE: A Film Music Documentary

2017 Audience Choice Awards:

Best of Fest: Good Fortune
Best Feature Comedy: Grand Unified Theory
Best Feature Drama: (TIE) Blood & Glory and Wild Prairie Rose
Best Foreign Film: Under the Same Sun
Animated Film: Wabooz
Student Short: A Children’s Song
Short Film – Drama: All The Marbles
Short Film – Comedy: Rated
Environmental: A Plastic Ocean
Documentary: Good Fortune
Documentary Short: Edges
Heart of the Festival Award: Slipaway

2017 Special Festival Awards:

Lifetime Achievement: Cloris Leachman
Global Humanitarian and Philanthropist: John Paul DeJoria

2016 Directors’ Choice Awards:

Best Animated Film: The Present
Best Short Film: Winter Light
Best Student Short Film: The Loyalist
Best Documentary Feature: Landfill Harmonic
Best Short Documentary: Flight of the Refugees
Best Environmental Films: Stink! (Documentary) and Oddball (Narrative)
Best Foreign Film: In Harmony
Best Feature DRAMA: Despite the Falling Snow
Best Feature COMEDY: Is That A Gun In Your Pocket? …
Best Humanitarian Film (narrative): Mustang
Best Humanitarian Film (documentary): Omo Child: The River and the Bush
Best Independent Spirit (narrative): Stevie D.
Best Independent Spirit (documentary): The Student Body
Best Independent Spirit (short): Welcome
Bill Muller Excellence in Screenwriting Award: The Adderall Diaries
Marion Herrman Excellence in Filmmaking: Once Upon a Dream and Still Dreaming

2016 Audience Choice Awards:

Best of Fest: Now More Than Ever: The History of Chicago
Best Feature Comedy (tie): Is That A Gun In Your Pocket? … and Dating Daisy
Best Feature Drama: Reparation
Best Foreign Film: Marina
Animated Film: The Present
Student Short: Ocean Stories: Wyland
Short Film – Drama (tie): STUTTERER and Almost Home
Short Film – Comedy: The Fake
Environmental: When Giants Fall
Documentary: The Ataxian
Documentary Short: First Degree

2016 Special Festival Awards:

Lifetime Achievement: Elliot Gould
Person of Influence and Humanitarian Award: Mike Farrell

2015 Directors’ Choice Awards:

Best Animated Film: Macropolis
Best Short Film: Till Then (Bis Gleich)
Best Student Short Film: Heritage
Best Documentary Feature (tie): SlingShot and Marmato
Best Short Documentary: Myanmar: Bridges to Change
Best Environmental Film (tie): Just Eat It: A Food Waste Story and Roaming Wild
Best Foreign Film: Healing
Best Feature DRAMA: Copenhagen
Best Feature COMEDY: Frank vs. God
Best Humanitarian Film (narrative): Unsound
Best Humanitarian Film (documentary): Gardeners of Eden
Best Independent Spirit (narrative): Dig Two Graves
Best Independent Spirit (documentary): Semicolon; The Adventures of Ostomy Girl
Best Independent Spirit (short): Long Way
Bill Muller Excellence in Screenwriting Award: Diplomacy
Marion Herrman Excellence in Filmmaking: Keep On Keepin’ On

2015 Audience Choice Awards:

Best Feature Comedy: Attila Marcel
Best Feature Drama (tie): Like Sunday, Like Rain and Una Vida: A Fable of Music and the Mind
Best Foreign Film: Marie’s Story
Animated Film: Macropolis
Student Short: Hands of Flame
Short Film – Drama (tie): Till Then (Bis Gleich) and Birthday
Short Film – Comedy: In the Clouds (En Las Nubes)
Environmental: The Starfish Throwers
Documentary Short: Pie Lady of Pie Town
Documentary (tie): Capturing Grace and Keep on Keepin’ On

2015 Special Festival Awards:

Lifetime Achievement: Richard Dreyfuss
Heart of the Festival Award: Rita and Peter Gendron
Lifetime Appreciation: Sheila Jackman

2014 Directors’ Choice Awards:

Best Animated Film: Blue
Best Short Film: Adonis
Best Student Short Film: Into the Silent Sea
Best Documentary Feature (tie): Life According to Sam and Toxic Hot Seat
Best Short Documentary: Ice
Best Environmental Film: Bringing It Home
Best Foreign Film: The Broken Circle Breakdown
Best Feature DRAMA: The Rocket
Best Feature COMEDY: Girl on a Bicycle
Best Humanitarian Film (narrative): The Rocket
Best Humanitarian Film (documentary): Waiting for Mamu
Best Independent Spirit: The Activist
Best Independent Spirit: 3 Mile Limit
Best Independent Spirit: Mad Ship
Best Independent Spirit: Bridegroom
Best Independent Spirit: For the Birds
Bill Muller Excellence in Screenwriting Award: Short Term 12
Activism Award: The Joe Show
American Spirit Award: The Only Real Game
World Cinema Award: We Will Make It Right2014 Audience Choice Awards:
Best of Fest (top festival award): The Letters
Best Feature Comedy: Le Chef
Best Feature Drama: Wish You Well
Best Foreign Film: The Broken Circle Breakdown
Animated Film: Grounded
Student Short: Into the Silent Sea
Short Film (3-way tie): Match Made, Young Americans and Mirage at Zabul Province
Environmental: Lion Ark
Documentary Short: Waiting for Mamu
Documentary (tie): Burzinski: Cancer is Serious Business, Part II
and Alive Inside: A Story of Music & Memory

2014 Special Festival Awards:

Marion Herrman Excellence in Filmmaking: Alive Inside: A Story of Music & Memory
Heart of the Festival Award: David and Alice Goodhart
Lifetime Achievement: Susan Sarandon
Lifetime Achievement: Shirley Knight
Lifetime Achievement: Stefanie Powers
Humanitarian Award: Pushpa Basnet
Person of Influence Award: Mariel Hemingway
Screenwriting Excellence: Jeremy Leven

2013 Directors’ Choice Awards:

Best Drama: Any Day Now
Best Comedy: (tie) Liberal Arts and One Small Hitch
Best Foreign Film: Lore
Best Documentary Feature: Stolen Seas
Best Documentary Short: Desert Dreams: Celebrating Five Seasons in the Sonoran Desert
Best Environmental Film: (tie) Bidder 70 and Pad Yatra: A Green Odyssey
Best Student Short Film: Green Acres
Best Short Film: (tie) Stalled and Boo!
Best Animated Film: Bunny
Best Independent Spirit Award (Feature): Common People
Best Independent Spirit Award (Short): Peoria
Best Humanitarian Film: Anyone Out There
Bill Muller Excellence in Screenwriting Award: Last Will. & Testament

2013 Audience Choice Awards:

Best Drama: (tie) Chittagong and Least Among Saints
Best Comedy: Fanie Fourie’s Lobola
Best Foreign Film: Shun Li and the Poet
Best Documentary Feature: Trash Dance
Best Documentary Short: The Highest Cost
Best Environmental Film: Go Ganges!
Best Short Film: Pear
Best Animated Film: Wolf Dog Tales

2013 Special Festival Awards:

Marion Herrman Excellence in Filmmaking: Downtown Express
Heart of the Festival Award: Vectors of Autism: A Documentary About Laura Nagle
Lifetime Achievement: Joan Collins
Lifetime Achievement: Lee Meriwhether
Outstanding Actor: Griffin Dunne
Outstanding Actor: David Strathairn
Person of Influence Award: Marianne Williamson

2012 Directors’ Choice Awards:

Best Arts Film: The Renaissance of Mata Ortiz
Best Made-in-Arizona Film: More Than Frybread
Best Environmental Film: You’ve Been Trumped
Best Documentary Short: The Mono Lake Story
Best Documentary Feature: Wolves Unleashed
Best Student Short Film: Thief
Best Short Film: Sailcloth
International Spirit Award: Acquainted With the Night
Best Independent Spirit Award: Cellmates
Best Humanitarian Film: Close to Me
Bridging Cultures Award: Jun-Ai
Best Foreign Film: Happy, Happy
Best Feature – Drama: Elena
Best Feature – Comedy: The Women on the 6th Floor
Bill Muller Excellence in Screenwriting Award: Digital Dharma

2012 Audience Choice Awards:

BEST OF FEST OVERALL – The Women on the 6th Floor
Jun-Ai (Best Feature Film)
Shuffle (Best Feature Film – Runner Up)
Being Elmo (Best Documentary Feature)
Nicky’s Family (Best Documentary Feature Film – Runner Up)
So Right So Smart (Best Documentary Feature – Runner Up)
In Times Of War: Ray Parker’s Story (Best Documentary Short – Tie)
From The Ground Up (Best Documentary Short – Tie)
Cataplexy (Best Short Film)
Good Luck, Mr. Gorski (Best Short Film – Runner Up)
Play By Play (Best Short Film – Runner Up)
Homecoming (Best Student Short)
Grandmothers (Best Animated Film)

2012 Special Achievement Awards:

Lifetime Achievement: Peter Bogdanovich
Lifetime Achievement: Paul Sorvino
Lifetime Achievement: Don Black
Humanitarian Award: Kevin Clash
Outstanding Actress: Lea Thompson
Lifetime Achievement – Screenwriting Award: Bobby Moresco
Lifetime Achievement and Festival Dedication: Frank Warner

2011 Directors’ Choice Awards:

Best Feature Film: “The First Grader”
Best Documentary Feature: “Leave Them Laughing”
Best Short Film: “The Butterfly Circus”
Best Foreign Film: “Poetry”
Excellence in Screenwriting: “Queen to Play”
Best Independent Spirit: “Hearing Radmilla”
Best Documentary Short: “Power in the Pristine”
Best Environmental Film: “Bag It”
Best Animated Film: “Bait”
Best Cinematography: “Close to the Sun”
Best Independent Spirit Award: “Thanks”
Best Family Film: “First Dog”
Best Period Drama: “The Vintner’s Luck”
Best Comedy Feature: “Exporting Raymond”
Best Story of Inspiration: “Anita”
Best Celebration of the Arts: “They Came to Play”
Best Made-in-Arizona Film: “Hearing Radmilla”

2011 Audience Choice Awards:

Best Feature Film: “The First Grader”
Runner-up Best Feature Film: “Face to Face”
Best Documentary Feature Film: “Waste Land”
Best Short Film: “The Butterfly Circus”
Runner-up Best Short Film: “A Son’s War”
Best Foreign Film: “Close to the Sun”
Best Documentary Short: “Wings of Silver: The Vi Cowden Story”
Best Animated Film: “My Dog Tulip”
Runner-up Best Animated Film: “Thought of You”

2011 Special Achievement Awards:

Humanitarian Film Award: Lt. Dan Band: For the Common Good
Humanitarian Award: Gary Sinise
Lifetime Achievement Award: Jonathan Winters
Lifetime Achievement Award: Rip Torn
Outstanding Achievement Award: Nicolas Cage
Outstanding Acting Award: David Rasche
Outstanding Comedic Excellence: Phil Rosenthal
Outstanding Achievement in Comedy: Rita Rudner
Bridging Cultures Award: Professor Huang Shixian (Beijing Film Academy)

2010 Directors’ Choice Awards:

Best International Feature Film: “A Shine of Rainbows”
Best Independent Feature Film: “The Red Machine”
Best Foreign Language Film: “Troubled Water”
Best International Documentary Film: “Sergio”
Best Independent Documentary Film: “The Elephant in the Living Room”
Excellence in Screenwriting: “In the Loop”
Best Animation: “Prayers for Peace”
Best Short Film: “Ronan’s Escape”
Best Student Short Film: “Kavi”
International Spirit Award: “Ana’s Playground”

2010 Audience Choice Awards:

Best Feature Film: “Hachiko: A Dog’s Story”
Best Documentary Film: “Paddle to Seattle: Journey Through the Inside Passage”
Best Documentary Film (runner up): “Dive!”
Best World Documentary: “A Sea Change”
Best International Film: “Patrik, Age 1.5”
Best Animation (Tie): “Prayers for Peace” and “Distraxion”
Best Short Film (Tie): “Ana’s Playground” and “She’s a Fox”

2009 Directors’ Choice Awards:

Best Feature Film: “Gospel Hill”
Best Documentary Film: “They Killed Sister Dorothy”
Best International Film: “Revanche”
Excellence in Screenwriting: “Speed of Life”
Best Cinematography: “Mermaid”
Best Animation: “Daniel Finds His Walking Stick”
Best Short Film: “Charlie Thistle”
Best Foreign Short Film: “Gone Fishing”
Best Student Short Film: “The Wall”
International Spirit Award: “15-40”

2009 Audience Choice Awards:

Best Feature Film: “Like Dandelion Dust”
Best Documentary Film: “Flow”
Best International Film: “Fighter”
Best Animation: “Sebastian’s Voodoo”
Best Short Film: “Gone Fishing”
Most Thought-Provoking Documentary: “The Suicide Tourist”

2008 Directors’ Choice Awards:

Best Feature Film: “Ripple Effect”
Best Documentary Film: “Semper Fi, One Marine’s Journey”
Most Compelling Documentary and Excellence in Screenwriting: “Fields of Fuel”
Best Animation: “Papiroflexia (Origami)”
Best Humanitarian Short Film: “In the Wake”
Best Humanitarian Film: “The Human Experience”
Best Foreign Short Film: “The Kolaborator”
Best Foreign Language Short: “VODA (Water)”
Best Short Film: “Validation”

2008 Audience Choice Awards:

Best Feature: “The Flyboys”
Best Documentary (tie): “Water Flowing Together”
Best Documentary (tie): “Standing Silent Nation”
Best Short Film: “Milk Bum”
Best Animation: “Papiroflexia (Origami)”

2007 Directors’ Choice Awards:

Best Feature Film: “Islander”
Best Feature Film: “Canvas”
Best Documentary Film: “War/Dance”
Best Humanitarian Film: “Beyond the Call”
Best Short Film: “Shipwrecked”
Best Foreign Language Short Film: “Bawke”
Best Animated Film: “Delivery”
Discovery Film Award: “Local Color”

2007 Audience Choice Awards:

Best Feature Film: “Coffee Date”
Runner Up – Best Feature Film: “Away From Her”
Best Documentary Film: “Beyond the Call”
Runner Up – Best Documentary Film: “The Cats of Mirikitani”
Best Student Short Film: “Rundown”–
Best Short Film: “Eramos Pocos” –
Best Animated Film: “First Flight”

2007 Special Recognition Awards:

Oustanding Actor and Humanitarian Award: Joe Pantoliano
Outstanding Directing: George Gallo, “Local Color”

2006 Audience Choice:

Best of Festival: “Sweet Land”
Best Feature: “The Sisters”
Runner Up – Best Feature: “A Relative Thing”
Runner Up – Best Feature: “Expiration Date”
Best Documentary: “The Trials of Darryl Hunt”
Runner Up –  Best Documentary: “39 Pounds of Love
Special Mention – Best Documentary: “Favela Rising”
Best Short Film: “Spin”
Runner Up – Best Short Film: “Full Disclosure”
Runner Up – Best Short Film: “Artistic License”
Special Mention – Outstanding Short Film: “Quadrilateral”
Special Mention – Outstanding Short Film: “Hope”
Best Animated Film: “The Legend of Black Tom”
Runner Up – Best Animated Film: “Emelia”

2006 Directors’ Choice:

Best Feature: “Fetching Cody”
Best Documentary: “The Trials of Darryl Hunt”
Best International Film: “The Beauty Remains”
Best Short Film: “Spin”
Best Short Film: “Cries From Ramah”
Best Student Short Film: “Once Broken”
Best Student Short Film: “Thermopylae”
Outstanding Achievement in Animation: “The Moon and the Son: An Imagined Conversation”
Best Animation: “Paper Willy”
Outstanding Directing and Acting in a Short: Kimberly Williams-Paisley, “Shade”

2006 Special Recognition Awards:

Best Ensemble Cast: “Whiskey School”
Lifetime Achievement Award: Lainie Kazan, “Whiskey School”
Lifetime Achievement Award: Ned Beatty, “Sweet Land”
Humanitarian Award: Alan Cumming, “Sweet Land”
Outstanding Director: Ali Selim, “Sweet Land”
Outstanding Producer: Carolyn Chambers, “The Sisters”
Best Supporting Actress: Elizabeth Banks, “The Sisters”
Best Supporting Actor: Steven Culp, “The Sisters”